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The king dreamed of getting rich. Seeing 2016 Hyperdunks in the village and he generally has built a new house, his heart Jiya,Hyperdunks 2016 incredibly jealous.
   Hyperdunk 2015 Low bought a used van, began soliciting. To save money, Hyperdunk 2016 did not do the operating license, the traffic control department of the day playing with the cat and mouse game to do. In this way, a few years, but also made some,2015 hyperdunks to calculate fell 50,000.
   That day, he was driving a car in the county of soliciting, we waited more than half a day, to come up a thirty-year-old boy. Just waiting for passengers when the two chatted up.
  "Brother, you are soliciting one day how much money?" The guy asked.
   Write the guy at the king, he said:. "Not a prospective, multi-sports car now, Hyperdunk 2015 Low business is good also earn a few, bad enough oil money"
   Hyperdunk 2016 exclaimed: "Yes, now difficult to make money no matter what business is difficult ah.." Next to him one by the king, changed the subject, and whispered: "I have a pen in front of business to do, 2016 Hyperdunks do not want Big Brother Hyperdunks 2016 do not want to do "and before the king, opening, lad promise:" This 2015 hyperdunks is not you contribute, the night you will be able to keep the outbreak. "
   The king turned round to look at that guy, do not believe a little, said: "What? Business, you can get rich."
   I heard a counterfeit, in spite of himself at the king laugh: "Brother, are you kidding mention counterfeit money is illegal, is not illegal, a blind man would not know??"
   See the king did not believe the young man, he took two hundred dollar bills from his pocket to see the king: "This is two hundred dollars, there is a false, brother, you look goes is false?"
   Hyperdunk 2015 Low took the money, did not for a moment over and over again to tell the difference between true and false.
   Remove one of them the Hyperdunk 2016 to the king, he said:? "2016 Hyperdunks is a false one which is really why you did not see it I tell you,2015 hyperdunks is high-tech fake out, not to mention you distinguish do not come out, it is not out Detector test also. "
   "Can you use it?" Hyperdunks 2016, a little worried.
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